Ladies of Harley

Central Texas Harley Owner's Group
Ladies of Harley (LOH)

When: 2nd Tuesday of each month
Time: 7:00 pm
Come early for dinner!
Where: See the calendar

Be sure to join us. Each year LOH plans lots of fun activities and events. Bring your ideas! We always have a great time getting together
(Many of the guys come to hang out and tell Biker stories while the ladies meet. Come early to eat the food is Great!)


Ladies –

Do you have "LOH" on your National HOG card?
Did you know that being a member of Ladies Of Harley is FREE?

It is not, however automatic. If you are a full, life or associate national HOG member you can join.  You must contact HOG and tell them you'd like to be a member of LOH.  Just call 888-CLUB HOG (888-258-2464)... or update your profile at the Members Only website .  Once you log into the members only area, click the “yes” option on the Update Membership Profile page and you're done!

Now, how easy was that?

After you've joined, you will receive a LOH patch pin the first year and renewal LOH pins each year thereafter.

What LOH Is?

Often times there are misconceptions of LOH (Ladies of Harley). This section is to help clarify what LOH is and how it is vital to any HOG (Harley Owners Group) Chapter. 
LOH is a program sponsored by HOG to support women motorcycle enthusiasts.  Notice I did not say Rider. It doesn’t matter whether you have your own bike and love the freedom of riding in the front seat … or are a passenger … you can be a part of LOH!  We even have ladies who don’t get on the bike at all, but want to be part of the lifestyle maybe in support of their partner.

What LOH Isn’t!

It is not a separate organization but rather another benefit of HOG.
It is not a group of woman trying to separate from the men, but rather trying to encourage more members to be involved.

LOH was established to encourage women to become more active in HOG and their local chapters.  Come to one of our monthly meetings and get involved.  You’ll find the meeting location and dates on the Calendar link of our CTHOG website.

We look forward to meeting you!


Norma Bridgman
Central Texas Chapter #5113